Thailand Ladyboys,Philippine Ladyboys,Kathoeys,Katoeys,Ladyboys

Many many western people like to ask the question what is a ladyboy? Or what is a kathoey? If you live in the country where I am from it is not really a question it is just a simple fact of life. In the western world I have seen a lot of discrimination concerning ladyboys and kathoeys (katoeys). In the country of Thailand and in the country of the Philippines even though discrimination does exist it does not exist as much as it does in the western world. In the western world psychologists and psychiatrists have been polluted in collectivist institutions of so called "education". As a result the two-spirit third gender (American Indian terminology) is falsely looked at as "defective" and in need of an "operation".

In the western would the term "tranny" and "shemale" are used and many western transgender people that are obnoxiously over sensitive get all upset about it. The most obnoxious of the annoying are the "transgender alliance" organizational type specifically the silver spoon-ers from Syracuse, NY. These trannies look like they been repeatedly run over by a bus yet they have hypnotized themselves into believing the entire planet needs to kiss there ugly asses'. Fortunately it will never happen. The tranny's and shemales from Thailand and the Philippines literally look like super models and most of them have a great and humble attitude. The transgender alliance Syracuse, NY type look like a cardboard box that has been recycled three dozen times yet they think they are better then everyone else. The difference between true pride and fake non-functioning false pride.

Third gender is a word that describes the third sex and this word has it's roots from the east. The possible etymology of the term's origins has started in Vietnam. Today Thailand is the third gender kathoey ladyboy (shemale) capital of the world and for good reason. Thailand's religion is mostly Buddhist and the Buddhist religion is much more tolerant and accepting then the western colonial types. Just ask the two-spirit American Indians about that. Or the regular American Indians. The American Indians call the ladyboy (kathoey) by the term two-spirit. The American Indians use the tern in a spiritual context meaning they are bother gender's spiritually. At least that is my interpretation of it but don't quote me on that.

In India the term for ladyboy and kathoey is called the hijras. Hijras term comes from the geographical region of Pakistan and certain parts of the region of Bangladesh as well as it has had a very long tradition in many many parts of India. So basically every culture in every region in every part of the world they all have there kathoeys and ladyboys. The American India see's the two-spirit person as elevated to a higher level spiritually, culturally, and so called "politically". That was the way it was historically back then in the American Indian tradition. Unfortunately tyrannical religious colonialism in there genocidal murder killed most of them out and extinguished to two spirit tradition. Fortunately today the are bringing it back.

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